The purchase of the mill, miller’s house and country store was completed in March 2001. Funds were received from the Virginia Dept. of Historic Resources, Washington County, the Town of Abingdon, local businesses and other sources in the private sector.

White’s Mill has long served the neighboring community. Since the late 18th century, the mill provided meal and flour for the farm and kitchen, as well as a gathering place for sharing news and views.

whitesmillphotoThe Mercantile, formerly the Cumbow Store, provided those store-bought essentials and extras that any home needs.


White’s Mill has recently undergone complete  renovation to the outside structure including a new roof, siding, windows and major structural work to the hurst frame and south wall.  Once the building was made structurally sound, we cleaned out the raceway and rebuilt the wooden flume.

The photo to the right is from September 2015.

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