About Us


The Purchase

The purchase of the mill, miller’s house, and the country store were completed in March 2001. Funds were received from the Virginia Dept. of Historic Resources, Washington County, the Town of Abingdon, local businesses and other sources in the private sector.

White’s Mill has long served the neighboring community. Since the late 18th century, the mill provided meal and flour for the farm and kitchen, as well as a gathering place for sharing news and views.


The Preservation

White’s Mill has recently undergone a complete renovation to the outside structure including a new roof, siding, windows and major structural work to the hurst frame and south wall.  Once the building was made structurally sound, we cleaned out the raceway and rebuilt the wooden flume.  We are about to start rebuilding the gearing and cornstone so that corn can be ground with water power again.


The Mercantile

You can find:

  • Handmade quilts, fabric art, and wall decorations
  • Artwork of various styles depicting White’s Mill and the southern Appalachian region
  • Books of Appalachian writing
  • CDs of local and regional music
  • Much, much more from many local artisans.

White's Mill Foundation's Strategic Plan

Over the past 20 years the White's Mill Foundation has completed the purchase and renovation of White's Mill. The Mill is now ready to transition to an educational facility and community social center that strives to be self-sustaining. This objective will be accomplished by:

  • building a Pavilion for Mill Events, a meeting space for community, a gathering place for educational events.
  • returning fishing activities at the Mill.
  • installing a micro-hydro unit to generate electricity from water overflow from the      raceway.
  • upgrading Mercantile with efficient heating/cooling system.
  • providing educational opportunities for all ages through fieldtrips, 4-H and Scout camps, College for Older Adults classes, internships for college students, and on-line resources.
  • expanding product line using milling equipment that is water-powered sold locally      and on-line.
  • increasing visitors through use of enhanced marketing and social media platforms.
  • renovating Miller's House for use as a residence for a miller.